7 thoughts on “Print-astic room

  1. I love the carefree nature of the wall! As for color, like you, most of my home has a neutral backdrop, until you get to the spaces where my kids spent their time: my oldest son’s bedroom has navy blue walls and white trim (yup, it really works), my daughter’s bedroom has one dark purple wall and three lighter purple walls with white trim, and our basement has red walls (we were going for the theatrical look as we hung photos from the various productions we have all been involved in). Clearly, when we get ready to sell the house and move, these colors will be the first thing we have to remedy 🙂

    1. That’s great that your kids walls are bright colours. They have an excuse. They are young and wild and zany and ready to experiment. Although really, I should try it because I love colour. What’s the worst that could happen. Maybe I’d have to paint over it … or pay someone else to do so !

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