Leaf patterns


It is said that a good photographer can take a picture of an everyday object and make it look interesting. Well, I haven’t got to that stage yet, although I am positively surprised at some of the images that I snap somewhat randomly. Like this one, standing outside a Bali hotel, waiting for a taxi.

My intention was to get a picture of the waxy leaves overlaid, one over the other. When I looked at the image on a bigger screen later, I was pleasantly surprised to see the green patterns, shading and veins that I had also captured. It made me think that I should make a mini project of photographing random everyday things.

Spring green

~ Spotted Cow

Snap chat. Silhouette patterns

Lanterns in silhouette

Patterns appeal to photography because the eye marvels at the repetitiveness or the symmetry in an image. However, you don’t need patterns to repeat like wrapping paper for it to be pleasing. Sometimes, arrangements can be interesting in their irregularity, and one way to emphasise their similar differences is by taking the picture in silhouette. The images probably explain better than the words. Let me know what you think.

~ Spotted Cow

Lamp posts in silhouette Sculpture on side of building