Scotland. To the lighthouse.

Mull of Galloway lighthouse

The Mull of Galloway lighthouse, Scotland’s most southerly point.

The Scots have a right to express their view. Nevertheless, I hope that they do not vote to sail off into the sunset at Thursday’s independence referendum.

On the day we went to the lighthouse, it was closed. I would love to have a peek inside, and I hope that if I visit again, that I won’t need a visa and a different currency.

~ Spotted Cow

Cliff edge signFlowers at the edge of the cliff

7 thoughts on “Scotland. To the lighthouse.

    1. I got my wish on Scotland. But more importantly, the Scots got their say on Scotland. Even with the No vote, things will change, and that wouldn’t have come about if things hadn’t stepped up a few notches two weeks ago.

      1. Yes the foolish complacency displayed by the government in the early days made it a close call. We’ve been through a couple of independence referendums here in Canada – let’s hope things are better in Scotland going forward.

  1. Being a wee bit Scottish, visiting this country has been on my bucket list for a very long time! Love the photos – there’s something so intriguing about lighthouses. Perhaps it’s the curiosity about those who inhabit them …

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