Belle Tout lighthouse

Belle Tout lighthouse on the cliff's edge

If you’ve ever wanted to stay in a lighthouse, the Belle Tout Lighthouse at Beachy Head is only an hour & a half train ride to Eastbourne from London. The lighthouse was decommissioned in 1902 because it wasn’t visible on foggy nights and it now runs as a b&b. In fact, it was moved back from the cliff edge in 1999 and the rails are in place if it has to be moved further back one more time.

There are spectacular 360° views from the communal top floor. Out to the east, is the working Beachy Head lighthouse down at sea level. And over to the west are the Seven Sisters cliffs – we walked 4 of the 7 before the ups & downs got the better of us, plus we had to walk back !

It was an amazing pre-Christmas weekend and we felt very special staying in the lighthouse. Didn’t everyone want to live in a lighthouse when they were children?

~ Spotted Cow

View east to Beachy Head lighthouse

View west to the Seven Sisters

Scotland. To the lighthouse.

Mull of Galloway lighthouse

The Mull of Galloway lighthouse, Scotland’s most southerly point.

The Scots have a right to express their view. Nevertheless, I hope that they do not vote to sail off into the sunset at Thursday’s independence referendum.

On the day we went to the lighthouse, it was closed. I would love to have a peek inside, and I hope that if I visit again, that I won’t need a visa and a different currency.

~ Spotted Cow

Cliff edge signFlowers at the edge of the cliff