Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale


I have to make a small detour from my Sydney posts and leap over to the Egyptian pyramids for this week’s picture challenge. Having only seen them on the television or at the movies, I had no concept of how big the pyramids were until I saw them in person. And then you really are amazed at the scale of the construction, given that they didn’t possess the technology that we do today !

If you’ve been reading from our early days, you’ll have noticed that the main picture was used in a previous weekly challenge. Versatility. Love it.

~ Spotted Cow

Pyramid blocks

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

  1. Aren’t the pyramids just mind-blowing once you get up close to them? Especially when you consider their age and the size of each of those blocks – how DID they do it – seriously?

    1. I was quite blasé about the whole visit, especially as we were winding our way through the suburbs. And then we arrived, and I looked at them and it blew me away ! Nobody seemed to have an answer as to how they were built … especially when you realise how tall they are !

      1. I was just the same, I was killing time before a trip to Israel. I remember seeing them on the horizon as we drove out of Cairo, thinking this should be a quick trip as they were “just there”, but they so weren’t. It was simply they were so HUGE. Too funny! 🙂

    1. You can also do a tour into the inside of one of the pyramids, which I didn’t do. You go in a tunnel which gets very cramped and oppressive and the heat is stifling. If you’re not good with small spaces, it’s not a great idea.

    1. Put them on your bucket list ! Although if I have to tell the truth, it wasn’t high on my list of things-to-do. It was a twist of fate that I ended up going to Egypt when I did. A different trip got cancelled and I had to book something on short notice for over the Easter holidays.

  2. I’d say you’re spot on the challenge with these photos! Wow, I knew these were massive, but these really show how much. And I really like the second image – you always think of the pyramid as being smooth. Not only does it show in a very clever way that it’s not, it also shows the massive scale of this wonder!

    1. Yes, both those things surprised me when I saw them in-person. They are absolutely massive. And they’re not like in the cartoons with straight edges down the side … and that each of the blocks is almost the height of a man. How did they build it?

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