A man came up the road

A man came up the road

One day, we hopped out of the minibus to take the obligatory tourist photo of a ruined castle in the distance, and a man came ambling up the cobbled road, umbrella at the ready for the coming rain.

He saw us – 10 obviously foreign touring photographers and two guides, cameras all pointing in one direction – and he stopped. He told us what a wonderful thing we were doing, photographing his beautiful countryside. He shook hands with all of us, conceded to a few photographs, and went off on his merry way to a cheer of goodbyes.

It was a simple incident. Not more than 15 minutes passed. Nevertheless, it amazed me everyday how amiable the rural Turkish people are.

~ Spotted Cow

Man tells us how wonderful the countryside is Man went off on his merry way

12 thoughts on “A man came up the road

  1. What a fabulous random encounter and how accommodating he was. Obviously not deterred in the slightest when greeted with a group armed with cameras. I most likely would have turned right around and walked away! 🙂

    1. Yes, it never ceased to amaze me, the kindness and patience of the people. I can’t imagine I’d be half that accommodating. It probably means that I should slow down and smell the roses in my everyday life ! Going with a photography group also means that you have a different focus.

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