A man came up the road

A man came up the road

One day, we hopped out of the minibus to take the obligatory tourist photo of a ruined castle in the distance, and a man came ambling up the cobbled road, umbrella at the ready for the coming rain.

He saw us – 10 obviously foreign touring photographers and two guides, cameras all pointing in one direction – and he stopped. He told us what a wonderful thing we were doing, photographing his beautiful countryside. He shook hands with all of us, conceded to a few photographs, and went off on his merry way to a cheer of goodbyes.

It was a simple incident. Not more than 15 minutes passed. Nevertheless, it amazed me everyday how amiable the rural Turkish people are.

~ Spotted Cow

Man tells us how wonderful the countryside is Man went off on his merry way

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

Salad & jams

We ate really delicious food while travelling in north-east Turkey, and nowhere more luscious than at the bijou 6-room Moyy Hotel in Çamlıhemşin. Look at the textures and colours. I couldn’t help snapping pictures with my phone while the staff laid the table for mealtimes. It certainly whet the appetite.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

~ Spotted Cow

Cheese & fruit Cheese with garnishLaying the tableMoyy Miniotel

Telling stories

Animated Lady 1

I told you that I went on a Journey Anatolia photography trip to Turkey, up into the remote North-East. The focus is mainly on people photography … and I have to say, the people in this area are remarkably friendly and hospitable. They would offer us cups of tea and tell us stories of their lives.

In one of the Çamlıhemşin villages, we met this lovely smiley lady who was very animated and she chatted away to us with wonderful energy. Our guide translated, although only inadequately, because she kept talking over him!

I too hope that when I’m at a grand old age and dependent on a crutch, that I will sit on my daybed outside my door and regale the occasional passing visitor with my tales. Ha !

~ Spotted Cow

Animated Lady 3Animated Lady & GuideAnimated Lady 4

Day One. Warm-up shots.

Interested ladies

It took me a bit of time to warm-up to the rhythm of shooting pictures on the Turkey photography tour. Believe me, it’s a pretty intense activity when your main focus is taking in the surroundings and looking for images.

It was proposed and agreed that we would each submit a Photo of the Day at the end of everyday so that we could be constructive and learn from each other’s pictures. There was huge emphasis placed on the fact that it was not a competition … which was duly made into a joke if anyone became too aggressive. Nevertheless, the pressure was on.

We were based in the minute town of Çamlıhemşin and our first full day was spent visiting the local villages and meeting the people. We had a local guide with us to break the ice.

The image of the two ladies on a bench against a pink wall was the one I submitted for Photo of the Day. Phew! To be honest, up to that point, I didn’t think I had anything worth showing anyone. However, I did have three to choose from by the evening. Below are the other two. Would you have made the same choice?

~ Spotted Cow

Two ladies at the door Lady with duck