Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

Kackar mountain scenery

The first thing you notice in the photo is the cow.  It’s there because I needed foreground interest. Plus it gave me a haughty look and I just had to take a picture with it against the jagged Kaçkar mountain peaks and the river zigzag-ing it’s way down the valley. Perfect for this Weekly Photo Challenge.

I don’t remember how high we were at this point, but we got up to 2700m later in the day. It’s really not what you’d expect of Turkey. But there you go. The world is an amazing and diverse place.

~ Spotted Cow

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

    1. It is indeed a most amazing view. I’ve contemplated doing that trip again just for that view. It was a long way from anywhere and often not comfortable. But when you get there … as you say, wow!

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