Wandering cow

Turkish cow

7 Day Nature Challenge. Day 7

As we are the Wandering Cows, I thought it would be appropriate to finish off the challenge with one of our brethren, posing here in the Kaçkar Mountains of North East Turkey.

Thank you Joanne from Coffee Fuels My Photography for nominating me to do the challenge. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, although it did require a fair bit of discipline to sit down and get it done before taking off on holiday.

Spotted Cow

Vegetarians look away

Slaughtering a cow

In the high village of Amlakit, we came upon a family who were slaughtering a cow out in the open and preparing it for the breaking of the fast. It was the month of Ramadan. The two ladies wielding their knives were in good spirits, in contrast to the bloody cow’s head they were skinning. The bags in the corner were filled with the cow’s innards and whatnots. There was a pot bubbling in the background. Neighbours came to watch and give their two cents worth of advice.

Contrary to what you would think, it didn’t smell and there weren’t flies. It’s a revelation for someone like me, who lives in the city and buys meat in neatly wrapped polystyrene containers from the supermarket.

~ Spotted Cow

Two ladies preparing the cow Watching neighbours

Cow Stories

Cows in the mist

Seeing as we are the Wandering Cows and I was in lots of pastoral places in rural Turkey, it would seem appropriate to include a post on cow pictures. Here are my favourites.  Most feature cows in the mist as we were up high and the clouds were low.

The people of the Kaçkar have two – sometimes three – homes, and they move up and down the mountain seasonally for their livestock to graze. In the summer, they are in the high pastures and many of these are not accessible in the winter because of snow.

I have decided that cows are more personable than other domestic creatures, like chickens for example. Cows have very engaging facial expressions and chickens do not ! Here in the Kaçkar, there are no fences and the cows roam freely, allowing me to get up close with the camera.

~ Spotted Cow

Cow in mist Cow with cowherdsCow peering out of pen

Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

Kackar mountain scenery

The first thing you notice in the photo is the cow.  It’s there because I needed foreground interest. Plus it gave me a haughty look and I just had to take a picture with it against the jagged Kaçkar mountain peaks and the river zigzag-ing it’s way down the valley. Perfect for this Weekly Photo Challenge.

I don’t remember how high we were at this point, but we got up to 2700m later in the day. It’s really not what you’d expect of Turkey. But there you go. The world is an amazing and diverse place.

~ Spotted Cow