The Enchanted Forest

Walls in the forest

We walked the Valle delle Ferriere route when we walked from Amalfi up to Ravello. The way winds through some lush forests, with rivers and waterfalls, and old paper mills and ironworks (hence its name). It was lovely and peaceful, and a refreshing difference to the cliffs and sea that tourists mostly associate with the Amalfi Coast. It rained for some of that day but we had wet weather gear, and instead of getting us down, it added to the enchantment of the forest.

~ Spotted Cow


Old paper mill


15 thoughts on “The Enchanted Forest

  1. So beautiful! I’d love to do some digging around there, maybe find ancient coins or something, but they probably wouldn’t let you keep them! In my dreams I guess!! lol 🙂

    1. I’m sure you’d find something metallic, given that there used to be a forge. Who knows, it could be ancient coins. You can keep dreaming anyway. That never did anyone any harm!

  2. I would have never imagined the Amalfi Coast trail to look like this! We were there last year, but didn’t hike because we had my mother with us. I thought it would be a rocky trail along the cliffs. This is such a surprise. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a wonderful part of the Amalfi. Once upon a time I used to design European walking tours and we put an itinerary in here. I love that ruined mill. SO atmospheric. The rain only amplifies the greens. Which walking group are you there with? Thanks for sharing these.

    1. I was there with Exodus Travels on the Walking the Amalfi Coast trip. I’m glad it brought back some lovely memories for you. I loved the walking in the area and the itinerary meant that we had quite varied landscapes everyday. And the forest with its old mills and forges was very atmospheric. That’s a good word, atmospheric. Happy to share.

      1. Haha how funny. That is the company I used to work with. Well another part of the company. The ground operator there is so passionate about that area. If you see the owner Peter say G’day from Saxon 🙂

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