14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Numbers

    1. People own these huts for a fair bit of money given their size and lack of amenities. They’re really just sheds on the beachfront, but they are lovely. Some of the ones in other parts of the country are more upmarket. Owners sometimes do rent them out for beach parties etc.

  1. Interesting photo. Do people store items in the huts and then come and sit in front of them to relax? Is there a beach in front of them? The huts are very colorful. Nice photos.

    1. Yes people store their beach paraphernalia in the huts. The beach is across from the path, although it’s more usual for the huts to be right on the beach itself. These ones look a bit like they’re sitting in the car park!

      1. It is so interesting how these huts are shared from generation to generation by families. Love reading about the history of the huts and how much joy they have brought to families throughout the years. Thank you for choosing this for the photo challenge.

      2. I love the stories too. The really lovely ones rarely come up for sale. I looked it up once and was taken aback by the prices. Anyway, what would I keep in it … I don’t like cold water and can’t imagine bathing in the English sea!!

      3. It was amazing to see how they used this for parties and spent summers enjoying these little huts. From what I read there is storage in the back of the hut. The hut itself look like it was for storage so that was surprising. They had tables, chairs, tablecloths, china dishes . . . all around a hut. Must be interesting to see when several huts in a row are being used. Well, thank you for sharing in this discussion about the huts:)

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