Peacock feathers

IMGP1913 - Version 2

Peacocks are beautiful creatures and they embody positive virtues in mythology – characteristics like knowledge, patience and immortality.

Oddly enough however, peacock feathers are a symbol of bad luck, largely because its many-eye pattern is considered to be the Seer of Everything. It is said that if a person sleeps on a bed of peacock feathers, it will bring him death. Hmm. Bear that in mind next time you go out to buy new bedding !

~ Spotted Cow


6 thoughts on “Peacock feathers

  1. So, gorgeous but deadly, huh? Lethal combination! Your photo definitely does justice to the “gorgeous” part! Zoom lens? As for the deadly, thanks for the heads up 😉

    1. Not a massive zoom. The top picture is a crop of the 2nd image, which was the peacock tail as it ran away from me! But an interesting story about its evil symbolism!

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