Did you see penguins in Antarctica?

Penguins on ice floe

Following on from the Snap Chat post about photographing in very white conditions, I’ve decided to do a series of posts on Antarctica.

I did an Antarctic trip several years ago and it was so bewilderingly beautiful that I almost never wanted to travel again because I thought that nothing could surpass it. The trip had a striking effect on me in more ways than one because I quit my job when I got home, having decided that I had to look down other routes. But that is a story for another time.

The most popular question I got when I returned from the trip was “did you see any penguins?”

The answer is a definitive yes. I saw penguins everyday. I smelt them every day too! Their poo – or guano, if you want to use the technical term – has a strong, sharp, pungent smell, which alerts you to their whereabouts. However, it doesn’t take away from how delightful and affable these little tuxedoed gentlemen are, waddling around on the ice and snow. Plus, you have the added bonus of getting up close and personal with them, if you can bear the smell.

~ Spotted Cow

Lone penguin in snow shower Penguins looking out to sea Solitary penguinClose-up

15 thoughts on “Did you see penguins in Antarctica?

  1. Stunning pictures! How does one get to Antarctica? I never gave it much thought but I’m guessing Down Under and then by ship is the way to go… ^^

    1. The “easiest” way is from the southern tip of South America. Lots of trips leave from Ushuaia in Argentina. I did the trip with a company called Quark Expeditions who run polar trips. I’ve yet to do their North Pole trip. Can’t do too many remote regions at once!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. How incredibly blessed are you to have been to Antarctica! AND to have seen penguins how fabulous. This trip is DEFINITELY on my list of things to do sooner rather than later. Thank you so much for sharing!

      1. Sounds like me last month up in Churchill with the Polar Bears – I went through four memory cards and they weren’t the small cards, lol! 😉

      2. It was SO amazing!!! Sadly haven’t had much time to do anything with all the photos as of yet as life has been getting in the way but am hoping to declare December “Polar Bear Month” 😉

  3. These photos are just toooo fantastically adorable, guano or not ❤ The second one, with its dramatic composition, takes my breath away. And the last one – is that a rubber dinghy I'm seeing?? Now, that's brave in icy cold waters! What an incredible adventure, and I am dying with curiosity about the change that your trip sparked. Amazing!

    1. Yes, it’s a rubber dinghy. You can’t stay on the Antarctic Peninsula unless you are on one of the military or scientific bases. So we stayed on the ship which cruised everyday and we did day trips onshore. Hence the dinghy. I’m intending to put up more shots. You’ll see why the landscape can inspire you to make large leaps in life. Mind you, I had been teetering over the edge with the job for the previous year but wasn’t brave enough to leave for what now seems like silly reasons. I don’t think it necessarily has to be Antarctica. Travel – and space – has that ability to give you perspective.

  4. That is pretty amazing and nice pics.

    Antarctica is on my wish list but don’t know when I will be able to get there. We did see other types of penguins when we visited New Zealand years ago and they were indeed delightful.

    1. Thank you for the lovely compliment. Antarctica will reward you immensely when you get there. But yes, you can see penguins in lots of other places too. They are very sweet. I could watch them for hours.

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