Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

St Paul's Cathedral

When I read the Weekly Photo Challenge theme “Angular”, my first thought was to look for architectural image. I found this one of St Paul’s Cathedral, taken through a doorway installation on the street that frames the cupola quite well. I like how the “old” architecture sits within the “new”, which I took at an angle to fit in the cathedral spire and emphasise its height. Stacy at visualventuring told me that this technique is called a Dutch Angle.

~ Spotted Cow

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Angular

  1. So here I am, admiring your great picture and reading your wonderful story, and I see my name! Thanks for that shout out. Glad to spread the knowledge – I learned that from Shane at The Weekly Minute 🙂

    Really perfect picture, with wonderful light and shadows, wonderful framing, and great capture of the movement of the lady in the foreground! Frameworthy, most definitely!

  2. Great photo and as someone who lived and worked more than 3 decades in London a wonderful reminder of how great the juxtaposition of modern and historic architechture is in the City. Thank you 🙂

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