B&W graveyard scenes


I’ve taken a leaf out of my fellow blogger Lignum Draco’s book and turned my graveyard pictures into black & white to add more mystery and soulfulness to the images. If you haven’t already, drop by Draco’s site at Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera.

Graveyard scenes at St Peter’s Church, Westleton, Suffolk

~ Spotted Cow

Gravestones in overgrown churchyard

Child gravestone

St Peter's Church Westleton

11 thoughts on “B&W graveyard scenes

  1. Beautiful images. So happy to see other people who enjoy a good gravestone! I often feel I’m being judged harshly for “enjoying” cemeteries. I have recently visited Highgate and was gratified to be with like minded people who appreciated the history and the beauty of the place.

    1. Thank you for reminding me of Highgate. I haven’t been in ages. It’s a more “touristy” cemetery than ones out in the country but beautiful nonetheless and I should go and be reminded.

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