Snap Chat. Good Wall

Tethered cow

This week’s photo challenge theme about walls got me thinking. I have lots of photos that have walls in them, although they’re not usually about the walls themselves. They’re about walls as the background to the picture that I want to shoot. They set the scene. Sometimes it is about texture or colour or both. And sometimes they provide context to the subject whose picture I want to take. When the Wandering Cows are out and about you can often hear us muttering about wanting to find a “good wall” to take a photo against.

~ Spotted Cow

Fruit seller against wallFlowers against the fenceGirl on stairs

7 thoughts on “Snap Chat. Good Wall

  1. Now I’ve got a picture in my mind of the muttering Wandering Cows that somehow I don’t think I’ll be able to shake 😉 Really good as advice! I do love the vibrant color behind that adorable little girl, but the angle of the wall and the gentleman in the first is my favorite!

    1. The gentleman with the fruit stand is also my favourite. I took it from a squatting position because I quite like the perspective from low down. The subject appears more prominent … and you don’t end up cutting off people’s feet !

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