Day One. Warm-up shots.

Interested ladies

It took me a bit of time to warm-up to the rhythm of shooting pictures on the Turkey photography tour. Believe me, it’s a pretty intense activity when your main focus is taking in the surroundings and looking for images.

It was proposed and agreed that we would each submit a Photo of the Day at the end of everyday so that we could be constructive and learn from each other’s pictures. There was huge emphasis placed on the fact that it was not a competition … which was duly made into a joke if anyone became too aggressive. Nevertheless, the pressure was on.

We were based in the minute town of Çamlıhemşin and our first full day was spent visiting the local villages and meeting the people. We had a local guide with us to break the ice.

The image of the two ladies on a bench against a pink wall was the one I submitted for Photo of the Day. Phew! To be honest, up to that point, I didn’t think I had anything worth showing anyone. However, I did have three to choose from by the evening. Below are the other two. Would you have made the same choice?

~ Spotted Cow

Two ladies at the door Lady with duck