Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Trees in the mist

We spent a lot of the time in the middle of the clouds when we were high up in the Kaçkar  mountains. Many days were misty, and we could barely see the silhouettes of the trees lining the road. At first I didn’t like photographing in the mist because it obscured everything. But after a fashion – and watching what the others were doing – I came to appreciate its ethereal beauty.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

~ Spotted Cow

View from the Tree Tops

The Tree Tops Adventure Park on the Central Coast – just under 2 hours north of Sydney – is a fun way to look at nature from 30 feet off the ground.  This is definitely not for vertigo-sufferers. Crawling through netting, soaring on the flying fox, and winding your way through courses made from different ropes and logs on a high-rope course up in the trees.  The course is very safe – the instructors show you the ropes, get you familiar with the caribiner system and might even climb up to save you if you are unsure, scared or have fallen and cannot get back up. This obviously didn’t happen to us !

Up in the trees, you will experience many different challenges. For example, have you tried getting a secure foothold on a swaying log before you lift your other foot off the other swaying log?  For younger climbers, there is a children’s course which is much lower and excludes the flying fox.  We went there as a family and helped each other when possible (if we weren’t struggling ourselves!)  Getting harnessed up is fun too – as long as you don’t get a wedgie!!!

~ Moo Cow


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