Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

Converging railway tracks

Converging railway tracks running into the bush.  If you fancy a trip on a historic locomotive, Tasmania’s Ida Bay Railway is Australia’s southernmost train track. It used to take limestone freight down to the ships.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

~ Spotted Cow

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

"taken away ..."

I photograph signs because there’s something appealing or engaging about them, and at other times simply to remember where I’ve been – particularly if I’ve stumbled onto somewhere interesting that had been unplanned.

I took this sign at the Port Arthur penal colony in Tasmania. The settlement is set on an atmospheric site on the Tasman Peninsula, and it’s difficult to believe that convicts toiled away here and suffered breakdowns in solitary confinement cells, often for minor misdemeanours.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

~ Spotted Cow

Port Arthur penal colonyPort Arthur buildingPrison cellRow of prison cells

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Half-in, half-out.  A red hairy hermit crab climbing out of its shell to get a different perspective of the world.  Do you know that hermit crabs can bully another hermit crab whom they believe to have a better shell ?

As seen on a beach in southern Tasmania.

~ Spotted Cow

red hermit crab

Milking Sheep at the Grandvewe Cheesery

After a long, winding, and very confusing road, we finally arrived at the farm on the Grandvewe Cheesery in Middleton, Tasmania. The family went in to the restaurant to sample the sheep cheese.  After that we had a yummy dessert of sheep ice-cream – it was EWEnique!  And the adults slurped up some cheesy alcoholic beverages.

After filling our stomachs, we went outside to the shed and to empty the sheep’s udders of milk.  We used giant milking machines that stuck to their udders and had a milking competition to see who could get the most milk – Chocolate Milk Cow won (his sheep had the biggest udder with almost a litre of milk!)


~ Moo Cow