Swedish Baths

Towels & swimming costume

On our last morning in Stockholm, we went to the baths at the art deco inspired Centralbadet. We had a swim, soaked in the hot pools, and sat in the sauna. I would definitely recommend it if you like unwind time on your travels.

The Centralbadet is a beautiful building. I can’t show you pictures of the inside, but the swimming pool was surrounded by lush plants, wooden loungers and old-fashioned cubicles. Lots of light flooded through the stained glass windows. The spa area was quiet and relaxing. It was a Tuesday morning and mainly a mature crowd and housewives.

If we hadn’t had to leave to catch our flight, we would’ve stayed for lunch and booked a massage. And so, it was bye bye Stockholm, till another time. We departed super chilled.

~ Spotted Cow

Centralbadet window

Entrance Centralbadet

Stained glass window