Spam Musubi

Yes, spam. The Hawaiians are crazy about spam. Did you know that Hawaiians eat more spam per capita than any other state in the US?  Nevertheless, it took some persuading from my college friend, Ms Southern Gal, that I ought to try a spam musubi. She is married to a Hawaiian Japanese, which lends her some credibility in these matters.

“It’s a really tasty snack. I bought some for breakfast tomorrow,” she said to my dubious look.

Next time I had the opportunity, I bought a spam musubi from the local 7-11.  It looks like an un-cut sushi roll. In the middle is a slice of cooked spam tongue marinated in furikake, a Japanese seasoning with seaweed, sesame seeds, fish flakes and other un-name-ables. It was surprisingly flavourful and quite filling.  I think the taste is enhanced by the seasoning, which melded the spam with the rice. Otherwise it might’ve been quite flat, just dry layers of spam, rice and nori. I liked it, and had another one the day after. Hmm, I wonder if it would get a following here in London?

~ Spotted Cow

spam musubi