Doughnut hole

Looking into the sculpture

There is a big doughnut-shaped sculpture on the Brighton seafront, called Afloat. There’s something about the doughnut hole that makes people want to look through it, and this is a mum lifting her son into the aperture. I liked the lines and textures of the sculpture’s bronze segments and the mum’s puffer jacket sections.

~ Spotted Cow

Liverpool. Sculptures on the beach

Sculpture on the beach

Antony Gormley’s sculptures on Crosby Beach are the main reason I wanted to go to Liverpool. “Another Place” is 100 life-sized cast iron figures looking out to sea. Some are on the beach and some submerged in the ocean, spanning 3km of the coast.

We turned up on a cool, sunny morning. The scene was peaceful. I reckon that on a dark and cloudy day, it would feel quite eerie. As it was, the motionless figures on the sand were a little bit spooky. The ones in the water looked like men wading out to drown.

Nevertheless, Crosby beach feels very local and the silent figures mingle with the township, their children and their pets. I’d love to go back for summer twilight.

~ Spotted Cow

Antony Gormley's Another Place

Crosby beach

Making sandcastles on Crosby beach

Sculpture tag

Sculpture with moss




It’s not over till the Fat lady sings

Fat Lady at Liverpool Street This is one of my favourite London statues – the fat lady sculpture in Exchange Square, out the back of Liverpool Street station. I don’t know if she has an official name. However, she lies languidly on the wall while bankers swirl around her eating lunch, having drinks and generally hanging out in the sun.

~ Spotted Cow