Bridge myth. The love of a good woman.

Puente de San Martin, B&W

Toledo’s Puente de San Martin with fantastic cloud. Black & white? Or colour?

This bridge is the Puente de San Martin, built in the 14th century. The story has it that upon the finishing stages of the bridge, its engineer realised that he had made a gross miscalculation and the bridge wasn’t going to hold. He became depressed, fearing the worst recriminations of the day. One night, a heavy thunderstorm blew over Toledo. His wife, unable to alleviate his anguish, went out in the night and burnt the middle section of the bridge down. Everyone thought the storm had caused it. And the engineer was able to re-do his numbers and finish the bridge which stands today.

The love of a good woman.

~ Spotted Cow

Puente de San Martin, colour