Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

Narsi After

Narsi is a lovely woman I met in Esparragosa de Lares, who generously allowed me to take photographs of her in the outside bit of her kitchen. It’s the place where she does her washing up and some of the food prep, and there is a big freezer in the corner. I say “outside”, but there isn’t really an inside bit to the kitchen. It’s just a stove in a nook.

It’s my picture for the Room theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge.

There’s a disclaimer here in that I might have totally misrepresented everything I’ve said because Narsi spoke Spanish at lightning-speed in the local village accent. It doesn’t show in the photo, but she is a tiny woman, about a head shorter than me … and I just top the 5-foot mark.

In a nod to Before-After that Stacy conducts on Visual Venturing, I’m including my original photograph. It was taken on ISO 800, f/8, 1/80 at 24mm. The photo was taken at 8.30pm, and the light was starting to fade. So I’ve upped the exposure, taken down the saturation and put in a little bit of definition to bring out the textures. The most challenging bit was correcting the perspective. Almost everything in Narsi’s house is not properly straight or level, and I had to have several goes at getting the lines as right as I could make it. My eyes were wonky afterward.

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~ Spotted Cow

Narsi Before