Petra, Jordan

Petra is vast. What I showed of The Siq and The Treasury were the mere beginnings of two very full days walking and climbing around the city inhabited by the Nabateans.

It seemed like every corner you turned and every staircase and path you climbed, there was an immense slab of rock-cut architecture or a breathtaking vista waiting. Some have mysterious and haunting names like the Monastery and the High Place of Sacrifice. Others are giant stones of solitude. One big rock I came upon looked like a huge chameleon.

You can be assured that wherever you take your cup of tea, the view will be impressive. And if your legs can’t keep up with your curiosity, you might find a Jack Sparrow lookalike happy to rent out his camel, or one of his mates their donkey.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking, and you’ll see why Petra is on a lot of traveller bucket lists.

~ Spotted Cow

Jack Sparrow lookalike tea garden PetraNabatean tombs PetraHigh Place of Sacrifice PetraPetra architectureThe Monastery Petra