Burning bush

You can see the Burning Bush at St Catherine’s Monastery, at the foot of Mount Sinai in Egypt.

Yes, THE very bush where God spoke to Moses.  If like me, you’re one of the Ignorant and ask “but really, I thought it burnt ?!”, then you should know that it was the bush “that burned with fire and was not consumed” (Exodus 3:2).  I learnt subsequently that some believe that the bush is a rare species of rose called Rubus Sanctus, native to the Sinai, which is extremely durable and long-living.  So, it could well be …

A fortnight later I looked at my pictures closely and realised that there was a fire extinguisher in the shadows.  I hadn’t noticed it at the time, although image searches on the web show that it’s generally there, awaiting God’s re-appearance.  Better to be prepared. I also noticed that the bush I photographed was more verdant than a lot of the dry and dusty images I found.  Maybe it’s because I went at Easter.

~ Spotted Cow

Burning Bush