Tea in the Malaysian hills

The British founded Cameron Highlands as one of their colonial hill stations, a cooling respite from the Malaysian heat and humidity. They also grew tea here.  You’ll spot the odd now-retro Land Rover when you drive up the winding roads into the tea plantations.

We dropped into the BOH Tea Centre for a refreshing cuppa.  BOH is the largest Malaysian tea producer and you’ll see their tea boxes in all the local supermarkets. The cafe has a truly glorious view of the tea plantation.  When you manage to pull yourself away from it, you can go for a walk among the tea leaves or there are factory tours every half an hour, which take you through the plucking, sifting and drying processes.  I was horrified to find out that tea-bag tea is pretty much the lowest grade tea, just one notch up from the leaves they sweep off the floor !

~ Spotted Cow

BOH Tea Centre Boh Tea cafe BOH tea boxes

Malaysian butterflies

There’s a butterfly farm up in the Cameron Highlands hills in Malaysia, where you can walk through a garden of freely roaming butterflies. It’s either a mini-magical experience or a nightmare, depending on your disposition towards these winged insects.

For those of you in the Love Is Like A Butterfly camp – technically, a lepidopterist – you’ll be able to see the protected Raja Brookes Birdwing, Malaysia’s national butterfly.  My father pointed it out to me. It has a bright red head, and black wings decorated with leaf-green triangles.

~ Spotted Cow

Rajah Brookes Butterfly Farm Butterfly Farm 2