Yves Saint Laurent’s house

The Yves Saint Laurent movie reminded me that I’ve been to his Marrakech house, the Jardin Majorelle. It was designed by the artist Jacques Majorelle, but the grounds fell to ruin after his death, until YSL and his partner Pierre Berge rescued and restored it. The house was their retreat and sanctuary, which was played out vividly in the movie.  When he died, his ashes were scattered here.

It was raining on the day we visited and I took fewer photos than usual, juggling both umbrella and camera. Nevertheless, the rain emphasised how lush the gardens were and I loved the coloured pots and walls, and the calming water features.  I liked how the vivid blue – which came to be known as Majorelle blue – sits next to the terracotta and the greenery. My favourite bit though, as always, was the large cactus garden. In the film, the gardeners walk back and forth among the succulents, going about their jobs. It is remarkably tranquil.

~ Spotted Cow

Jardin Majorelle pondflowers Jardin Majorelle bright yellow pot Jardin Majorelle cactus close up cactus Jardin Majorelle Jardin Majorelle visitIn memory of YSL