Hawaiiana. Surf & Hula.

We’ve just come back from Hawaii and found it deliciously exotic.

Two images typify Hawaii of the travel ads – beautiful beaches and hula girls.  Both of these are iconic and we even found their images on boxes of mints.

The ocean is everywhere and the waves were always big. But what we wanted to see were the barrel waves like those in the Hawaii Five-0 intro. We saw them on Oahu’s north shore.  They weren’t the giant 50 footers, but they were impressively awesome enough not to want to get in the water with the surfers. I know it sounds crazy, but we’ve not seen waves like this where we live in Sydney.

On Christmas Eve we went to a luau. It was touristy but so much fun. The girls in their vegetal finery – including coconut cup bikinis – fluttering their hips like brandishing birds of paradise. Buff men in sarongs and leaf anklets. The fire dancers were astounding – no burn marks ! Do they start out practising with full fire suits? The luau finished the evening with the Hawaiian Twelve Days of Christmas.

Numbah 12 Day of Christmas my tutu gave to me : 12 televisions, 11 missionaries, 10 cans of beer, 9 pounds of poi, 8 ukuleles, 7 shrimps a swimming, 6 hula lessons, 5 big fat pigs, 4 flower leis, 3 dried squid, 2 coconuts and one mynah bird in one papaya tree. Were you humming along?

Aloha. We’ll be back with a fair few more Hawaiian postcards. If you don’t want to miss out, make sure you leave your your email address on the front page.

 ~ Spotted Cow

Hula mints

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