Mist-ified friends

brown goat

On one of the particularly misty walks on the Amalfi Coast, we heard chimes of lots of little bells ringing on the cliffs … when suddenly, a herd of goats emerged from the dense fog. They eyed us up curiously, especially one brown goat who stared at us very hard and didn’t divert his gaze.

~ Spotted Cow

Goats emerging from the mist

Curious goats

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Mountain goats This Weekly Photo Challenge proved to be less straightforward than first met the eye. I thought it should be an easy one. After all, I take lots of pictures of people and some of them talk to each other. Then I read the script and realised that it’s meant to be photographs that talk to each other or relate in some way because they have a recurring theme.

I’ve gone with sibling kinship – goats and children.

~ Spotted Cow

Wheelbarrow siblings