Oriel Chambers

Oriel Close

I almost submitted this picture for the weekly photo challenge because “ornate” inherently makes me think of something gold and elaborate. But I didn’t because I want to tell a different story about it.

The Oriel Chambers building on 14 Water Street in Liverpool was one of the first multi-storey buildings in the world constructed¬†with a glass frontage in the mid-19th century. Technically, it’s a metal-framed glass curtain wall and the architect Peter Ellis was given an award for it. Buildings with glass windows are so commonplace these days, that it’s difficult to believe the design was not popularly received in its’ day.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the front of the building which is a classic error on my part. However, you can see the side of Oriel Chambers building in the photograph below. It’s the one on the right with the gild details on the said contentious glass windows.

~ Spotted Cow

Liverpool Streets

Oriel Chambers