1. Misty day at the seaside

Making stones skip on the water

Juliann from Browsing The Atlas nominated me to do the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge. The rules of Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge require you to post a photo each day for five consecutive days and attach a story to the photo (It can be fiction or non-fiction, a poem or simply a short paragraph) and then nominate another blogger to carry on this challenge. Accepting the challenge is entirely up to the person nominated, it is not a command. I nominate Wright Outta Nowhere because I love the tales that go with her expat-life images.

Five Photos, Five Stories Challenge

Picture 1/Story 1. 

I am consistently and wondrously surprised at the unflappability of English beachgoers. Not only do they have to contend with a pebbly beach. But one sunny Brighton day that turned misty, I noticed that everyone stayed on the beach while I started to make tracks to leave. There was no packing of the bags when the mist descended, not even when the temperature dropped. They stayed on with their picnics, carried on with their gossip and played at making pebbles skip in the sea. It’s hard core.

~ Spotted Cow