Dracula’s castle

Transylvania, the home of Count Dracula as told to us in Bram Stoker’s classic novel.  Interestingly, Stoker never visited Romania and his description of the castle came from a picture he saw in a book. So, disappointingly for me, there is no terrifyingly real connection between Dracula and Bran castle, only a fictional one.

Bran Castle itself isn’t horrifying. It is set within beautiful countryside and there is a lively market in town. The castle does have an imposing front door and several dark  stairways where you could let your imagination run wild. But there is no caped man with red eyes and fangs jumping out of wardrobes at you.

In fact, it is locally known as Queen Marie’s castle and has the air of a well-looked after listed building, replete with antique furniture, fixings and suits of armour. The castle is now a museum and their story boards tell of royal family lives in residence as well as that of Stoker and his fictional Dracula, in acknowledgement of its international fame.

Have you ever been anywhere properly terrifying?

~ Spotted Cow

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