Dead Sea mud

Did you know that the Dead Sea is landlocked? It is a lake, and also the deepest hypersaline lake in the world.  On the shoreline, you’re sub-sea at 393m below sea level.

We did what you would expect, which is jump in the sea and try to swim … but the salinity makes you just bob along.  Don’t fight it. Get one of your friends to pose for the classic picture where they’re floating about reading the newspaper.  We forgot to do that and the beach was steep and a bit of a faff to get out again.  I took my one floaty picture of a random swimmer and jumped in.

Afterward we smeared our bodies with handfuls of therapeutic Dead Sea mud from large buckets sitting on the beach.  I’m sure it was someone’s idea of a joke. It’s a demon and a half washing the dried mud off !

~ Spotted Cow

Dead Sea mud Dead Sea shores Dead Sea floater  Dead Sea salt