The Dairy Maid

The Dairy Maid

On one of the days during the Amalfi Coast trip, we visited a dairy where they made the cheese by hand. It was a remarkably simple and clean, big, white room, lacking in fancy machinery, where the cheesemaker demonstrated his trade. Unfortunately, I can’t describe much because I ended up at the back of the standing group and couldn’t see for the most part. I did, however, get pushed to the front to watch him knead and twist the curd.

There was a  small counter shop in the front of house and I bought one of the funny shaped cheeses hanging on the rod. The cheese is called caciocavallo, and in the local area they use it on pizza. The dairy maid was very accommodating and let me take her picture.

~ Spotted Cow

The Cheesemaker

Kneading curd