Snap Chat. Same shot, different perspective



One summer, while walking along the Brittany shore I spotted a dinghy with its anchor exposed by the washed out tide. The anchor was old, textured and corroded. And the dinghy had a bright sun-streaked orange-red rim. Both things were interesting but which should I take the photo of?

I decided that I wanted both objects in the picture to demonstrate the connection between them, but only focus on one in order not to divide your attention. So I set a low f-stop number to control the depth of field. I took two photos – one focussed on the dinghy and the other on the anchor. Both were taken on the same setting: ISO 200, 70mm, f5.6, 1/250s, on a summer’s afternoon at about 5.30pm when the sun had lost its intensity.

For choice, I prefer the anchor picture. What do you reckon?

~ Spotted Cow


Breton Blue

Lots of things in Brittany are coloured blue – window shutters, gates, letter boxes, signs, boats, cars. It’s a cornflower blue and similar shades around it. I’d like to think that they do most of their painting in summer and throw the leftover colour into the sky.

~ Spotted Cow

Breton blueBreton sky and hotelBreton boatBreton letter boxGo fly a kite

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

The Boss came back from his winter sun holiday, brown and healthy and wanting to know what had been going on in his absence. It was appropriate and perfectly well-intentioned but I had managed all my projects seamlessly while he was away, and I wanted to tell him to go fly a kite.

“Go fly a kite. ” Where did we get that expression from? It looks like a lovely bit of activity that I’d like somebody to send me off to do!

The photograph was taken on a beach in Brittany. The object, if you haven’t worked it out, is the kite.

~ Spotted Cow

Go fly a kite