August hiatus


I’m off on holidays and weekends away through August – Madrid, the Sussex coast, Suffolk and the Scottish Highlands. Woo hoo ! The blog postings are going to be erratic over the coming weeks. However, I have good intentions of carrying my camera around and hopefully there will some interesting pictures to show & share for it.

~ Spotted Cow

Highbury Fields Summer Picnic

Summer bbq in the park

Good weather is worthy of yet another London summer in the parks post. Lots of people were out on Highbury Fields on the weekend, enjoying picnics and barbecues. It was a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere. There was the requisite ice-cream van and associated queue. And a nod to the Pokemon Go craze !

~ Spotted Cow

Summer picnics

Pokemon Go in the park

Ice-cream van



Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath

We were treated to a whole week – an entire week ! – of summer sunshine in London. Of course, the underground & the trains were too hot. People who work in old buildings with no air-conditioning had a helluva time. You had to sleep with all the windows open and the portable fan on max. But I’m not complaining, given what we get in the rest of the year.

The other side to this is the London parks become your living room on the weekend. And you can get away from the masses, as I discovered when walking around Hampstead Heath on Saturday afternoon. This little trio had a whole field to themselves.

~ Spotted Cow

Nelson’s Column

Trafalgar Square

Yay, it’s a sunny day in the capital! London is a wonderful city made more marvellous when the sun is shining. The temperatures are heating up to Mediterranean standards. I walked past Trafalgar Square at lunch time and decided to record the day. I like how Lord Nelson is perched high up on his column, monitoring the proceedings of the streets below him.

~ Spotted Cow

Summer sunset


A British summer sunset at 9.30pm in Brighton. Glorious. I don’t usually have my camera to hand for sunset shots and it was a mighty leap when I saw this scene out of the window.

I have a Snap Chat post about taking sunset images, titled “Why are sunsets notoriously difficult?“, that you might want to check out. It’s reminded me that I haven’t done a Snap Chat post in ages.

~ Spotted Cow


Happy bus


My lovely friend – The Actress – and I spent Sunday afternoon out at Devil’s Dyke, just outside of Brighton. I’ll put up some post-cards over the coming week, but first I wanted to show you the Number 77 bus that we took to get there. I was expecting the usual red and cream Brighton & Hove bus, and along came a happy aqua and pink bus with prints of the local sights. There are short information and story boards inside the bus, on the walls, ceilings and seats. We sat behind the seat with the Tennyson poem, whose first line also runs along the side of the bus.

You came, and looked and loved the view
Long-known and loved by me,
Green Sussex fading into blue
With one gray glimpse of sea.

I’m keen to explore more of the area just so I can get on the happy bus again. You can see in the picture that we were accompanied that day by the characteristic dark clouds of a British summer’s day … although they did take off in another direction after a fashion.

~ Spotted Cow


British sunshine

At the beach

I was in Suffolk on the weekend and it was glorious weather for most of it.  Everyone was enjoying what might be the last of the British summer sunshine. The pebbly beach in Aldeburgh was relatively uncrowded, largely because the hoards flocked to the sandy beaches.  I have to say, the  benefits of a pebbly beach is that you don’t get sand in all your orifices !

When I look back, I smile and think “that was definitely a good day”.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Today Was A Good Day

~ Spotted Cow

Beautiful day for a tube strike

South Bank, with Big Ben across the river

Thank goodness, it was beautiful weather on the tube strike day yesterday. Most people were in a decent mood in spite of the lack of public transport, although nobody had much sympathy for the strikers. I walked into work and discovered lots of cool coffee shops and interesting nooks. That was definitely the silver lining. That, and the after-work mood on the South Bank and people enjoying the Thames skyline & sunshine.

~ Spotted Cow

Summer lounging

Model layout of the Isokon Long Chair

The summer heat has arrived and I’ve been looking longingly online at sunloungers. I can tell you that the one I truly want is the Isokon Long Chair, designed by Marcel Breuer –although technically it’s a lounger rather than a sun lounger.

I saw it when I visited the Isokon building and gallery in Hampstead, North London. The building dates back to the 1930s and was an early experiment in busy modern living. The modular apartments included a set of furniture designed by its Bauhaus tenants, and the Isokon Long Chair was my favourite piece.

I can imagine myself lounging on the long chair, reading a book in languid fashion. Its shape supposedly aids digestion if you choose to catch forty winks after a meal. That suits me right down to a tee.

The long chair’s design has been mimicked and copied many times over through the decades. In fact, we bought an Ikea bestseller – the Poäng armchair and footstool – for our Dad years ago. But I have to say that the Isokon Long Chair is far more elegant, with its smooth lines and tactile curves.

You can get one made for you at the Isokon Plus workshop, which as it turns out, has a sale on now.

~ Spotted Cow


Isokon design graphics

Isokon, Lawn Road Flats