Something blue

Blue bow on lace stocking

I took some photographs for a close friend’s wedding and was in the dressing room, calming her nerves before she walked down the aisle. I asked her what her “something blue” was, and she lifted her skirt to reveal the tiny, sweet, blue bow on the top of her lace stocking.

Later on when I looked through the wedding day pictures, I realised that out of context, that one standalone image looked a tad racier than I expected.

~ Spotted Cow

Breton Blue

Lots of things in Brittany are coloured blue – window shutters, gates, letter boxes, signs, boats, cars. It’s a cornflower blue and similar shades around it. I’d like to think that they do most of their painting in summer and throw the leftover colour into the sky.

~ Spotted Cow

Breton blueBreton sky and hotelBreton boatBreton letter boxGo fly a kite