Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

Sleeping shepherd and sheepdog

Endurance … or lack thereof. I came across a napping shepherd and his sheepdog on a walk in the Alpujarras mountains in Spain. It was a lovely rural scene. In the distance, you could hear the bells of his flock. I wish my office had a room like this where I could go and have a wee nap when the going gets tough.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Endurance

~ Spotted Cow

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Spring bee

I cannot tell you how terrified I was taking this photo. The bee was enormous, and even though I was using a zoom lens (100mm), I was still standing a bare arm’s length from it. But I had a bee in my bonnet – pun intended! – about getting it in the picture with the flowers.

This spring photo for the Weekly Photo Challenge was shot in the lovely garden of Casa Ana, a guest house in the Alpujarras in southern Spain. While I was scrolling through Ana’s site, I saw a couple of my photos on her garden page. How lovely. I had forgotten that I had given her a set of my images to use. It’s made my day !