Road trip

Road trip

The most amazing thing I did this summer was a road trip in the Scottish Highlands for 6 days. The scenery was unbelievable and a lot of the time, the most beautiful bits were un-capturable because it was so big & grand and we were whizzing by. I’m excited about posting the pictures here over the coming sessions, and I’ve included a few starters below. It was very difficult to pick and so I’ve chosen Scottish icons like the flag, the thistle and the highland cow. Unfortunately no Nessie. Boo.

~ Spotted Cow

Scottish flag

Scottish thistle

Scottish souvenirs

Highland cow

Loch Ness life float

9 thoughts on “Road trip

    1. I love the highland cows too. Their fringe. It’s hilarious. I couldn’t bear to have a fringe that long and constantly be flicking my head in order to see. And they don’t have our flexibility to use their hooves to move it.

      1. Isn’t always the case that we tend to forget to visit places that are in our own backyards. We are trying to correct that and visit some of Canada now which we hadn’t done very much in past years. We favoured travelling to more exotic places but we have discovered that there are as much beauty close by than in foreign countries…

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