Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

Castle wall

Most of the main walls of Lewes Castle are intact. However, in some sections like this one, only an edge of a wall remains.

In the picture you can see that the wall is leaning slightly to the right.  I straightened the doorway, but the resulting image showed the chairs & people leaning awkwardly and I had to un-do the change. The ground must have shifted in the years since the wall was built.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

~ Spotted Cow

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge

  1. As I always find my photos lean a bit due to the weight of my camera as well, my immediate desire was to straighten your photo also! I love how you explained that tilt; it drew my interest to the wall even more.

    1. Ah I’m glad there’s someone in the same camp as me. I always have to straighten my horizons so it was instinctive to want to straighten the wall. It’s curious because I didn’t notice it in person. Maybe our eyes have an intuitive tendency to straighten wonkiness in reality.

  2. Good observation, and it really does look like the wall is slightly askew to the right. As you said, the ground might have shifted over time. Over maybe the bricks shifted over time. It is a grand-looking piece of architecture and I hope it stands for many more decades to come 🙂

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