The stuff other people throw out

Flea market finds

I’ve had an ongoing de-cluttering project around my house for the last couple of years and it’s been a good exercise. I don’t think that I need to own so many things, but more than that, there’s all the stuff that has been put away neatly in drawers that haven’t been used in years.

When I visited the Lewes flea market, I saw – on sale – the mass of things that people don’t want, throw out and give away. And it is literally a huge collection of stuff that some good soul has categorised and displayed for the passing footfall to view and perhaps purchase for themselves. I like the idea of buying pre-loved goods.

On this occasion I didn’t buy anything but I did go round taking photos. It was a bit of a challenge with the low lighting, the clutter, narrow corridors and people walking in front of the lens (the cheek !) All my photos were taken on ISO 1600. I contemplated going up to ISO 3200 a few times, but in my experience they tend to come out quite grainy.

Any yes, the last picture was my submission to the Photo Challenge this week.

Side note. Lewes is a lovely historic county town about 1½ hours south of London by train.

~ Spotted Cow

Underwear model in the mirror

Mannequin & mirror among a pile of random bits


10 thoughts on “The stuff other people throw out

    1. It’s only looking at the photograph that I spotted various curious things, like you’ve pointed out. When I was at the flea market, there were so many objects everywhere that I couldn’t take everything in. I’ll have to go back! I’m glad you thought it was fun.

    1. I think it’s just looking at all the bizarre and interesting things. I know some people who go regularly, buy quite nondescript stuff and upscale it … and end up with something unique and pleasing.

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