Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

Close up of mannequin, mirror and puppet

I snapped this while wandering around the Lewes flea market, thinking I’d use it in a post called “the stuff other people throw away” … and I might yet do that ! In particular, I liked the trio of the mirror, the Mexican doll puppet and the mannequin with the headset. The picture was originally taken in portrait but I cropped it because my blog template prefers landscape compositions in the main picture.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

~ Spotted Cow

Mannequin & mirror among a pile of random bits

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

  1. I love the tipsy look of this. I often find flea market tableaus a little spooky, as if all that cast-away stuff is eerily alive. But this one is pretty cheerful with the pale blue walls and the reflection off the mirror. Very fun!

    1. I have a pale blue wall and for a split second I contemplated whether (some of) the curated collection would look cool . Unfortunately, I don’t think I have that kind of place – or style – where I could pull it off.

    1. As I walked around the flea market, I did think that I have such mundane things at home. I don’t have a retro mannequin or an horned animal skull or a faded gilded mirror.

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