Having a drink outside

My balcony in Madrid had a view onto the outdoor tables of a bar. I loved looking out onto the street, watching the comings and goings, and spying on the people who sat down to have a drink. Looking back, I now wish that I had made a project of it as I am somewhat frustrated with the short series of unsatisfactory pictures I took. Hmph. It will have to keep for next time … and I’ll have to make sure that I have a balcony that is as advantageously situated.

~ Spotted Cow

6 thoughts on “Spying

  1. A series of shots from your balcony would have been a great idea! I’ve taken a few like that of a homeless woman I wouldn’t have otherwise had the nerve to get a picture of. Now I’m wondering if anyone has ever taken a picture like that of me??

    1. That’s an interesting thought, whether other people have taken candid pictures of you doing something ordinary / curious / untoward. And in a parallel world, you’re featured in somebody else’s photography blog. Hmmm.

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