Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

Two ladies catching up

In my quest for cool spaces in the Madrid heat, I found this living wall in front of the Caixaforum art centre, with seating that neatly frames the city’s inhabitants – including flighted ones – taking a break from the summer’s intensity.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

~ Spotted Cow

People relaxing in the cool of the wall

Living wall, Caixaforum


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

  1. I thought that last shot was put in side ways (but isn’t!) is that ever neat how everything is growing vertical (down?), Imagine being the gardener who had to scale the cliff and plant all that stuff?? Wow! T.

    1. Yeah I thought that too. I reckon the gardener must’ve used a specially built tall ladder which can move on rails and brake. It must’ve been back-breaking but it looks great. And the plants instantly make you feel cooler!

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