Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath

We were treated to a whole week – an entire week ! – of summer sunshine in London. Of course, the underground & the trains were too hot. People who work in old buildings with no air-conditioning had a helluva time. You had to sleep with all the windows open and the portable fan on max. But I’m not complaining, given what we get in the rest of the year.

The other side to this is the London parks become your living room on the weekend. And you can get away from the masses, as I discovered when walking around Hampstead Heath on Saturday afternoon. This little trio had a whole field to themselves.

~ Spotted Cow

9 thoughts on “Hampstead Heath

  1. Hampstead Heath is one of my favorite places in London. I’m gonna be in town this weekend, I truly hope I’ll be this lucky and have some sunny days !
    I also blogged about London, check it out if you like 😊

    1. Ahh lovely. London is meant to be sunny this weekend, albeit not as hot as last weekend. Enjoy your trip. I will be off to Spain. I’ll check out your London posts.

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