9 thoughts on “Coffee break

  1. It will likely take more than coffee. We Americans ditched tea years ago, it may take some Scotch or Irish whiskey to ease the sting. But, a coffee break is always welcome. Lovely photo. Peace.

  2. After that Brexit vote, you’re going to need a bit more than coffee. I’ve been reading about potential actions that Scotland and Ireland might take and now the plight of British expats in the EU.

    1. Definitely. The coffee is just a breather. There are so many implications that people hadn’t thought through. And it is a hugely emotional issue. Even though I voted to Remain and am extremely disappointed with the result, I realise that this is how democracy works. The nation voted otherwise. We’ll have to find a way through. Ironically, the ultimate solution may not be very far from where we are now, albeit in 5-10 years time say … which begs the question of why put the nation through all this !

    1. The news shocked everyone, even those who voted to Leave. A week on, there seems to be a subdued acceptance that the result has to be taken forward … except in London where there’s been two massive rallies. The prime minister has resigned, and both main parties are a mess. And there are still a lot of questions where we don’t know the answers. Life on the street hasn’t changed from one day to the next because we weren’t embroiled in an economic crisis. But it may be awhile before we see a clear path forward.

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