Donkey Wheel

Saddlescombe donkey wheel

The Actress and I spent an afternoon at Devil’s Dyke, and one of the sights on the Histories and Mysteries walk was the Saddlescombe Donkey Wheel. We both thought that it would be a wheel laid flat which you push round to raise water from a well. In fact, what we found looked more like a big wooden hamster wheel, which a donkey trots on to bring water up from its source.

The Saddlescombe donkey wheel dates from the 17th century and is protected by the National Trust. Otherwise, we might’ve thought it a good idea to have a go !

~ Spotted Cow



Wooden bucket on donkey wheel


11 thoughts on “Donkey Wheel

    1. Quite. I would really liked to have had a go to see what sort of effort is required to turn the wheel. The National Trust mayn’t have been well-pleased about it though.

  1. Poor Donkey! Animal cruelty or what?? Could of been a time-out room for bad kids?? lol…. Go on Billy…you didn’t eat your veggies!! Go do 500 turns n the wheel!! lol…

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