16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Curve

  1. I’ve seen this on Cornination Street! I had a Great Aunt who was great friends with “Rita” (shop keeper), my Great Aunt was one of the “Rolly Polly Dancing Gals” on the variety show back in the 70’s & 80’s, I wish I would of knew her!! I still 2nd cousins who go to Brighton Beach every year, they live in “Fish Ponds” Bristol. I also have a 2nd cousin who lives in Upper Tadmarton, Banbury,Oxfordshire.
    Maybe if I win the Lotto I will come to visit them and stop by for Tea!! Cheers! T

  2. Seems that these wheels or eyes are popping up all around the world. I quite like the design of this one — it’s different from many that I have seen. Great shot for the theme. Best wishes from Brisbane.

    1. I agree. Big wheels seem more commonplace since the London Eye. The Brighton one is on the seafront. It must have a great birds eye view of the pier from the top.

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