Vesuvius Fail

Vesuvius crater walk

This is my one picture from the walk up and around the crater of Mount Vesuvius. It was cold and the fog swept in thick and fast, after what had been a lovely, sunny morning. Two minutes after this picture was taken, you couldn’t see the Bay of Naples when you looked out. The wind blew hard and I thought I was going to fly off the path. I hadn’t brought gloves and my fingers were painful … although once inside the crater, I could warm my palms over the smoke holes. Still, it has to be said that I didn’t enjoy it very much and I spent the entire time wishing I hadn’t chosen the privileged optional walk in.

And wouldn’t you know it … the fog lifted upon our descent from the crater !

~ Spotted Cow

2 thoughts on “Vesuvius Fail

  1. Ugh, it sounds like you have my kind of luck with weather! Every once in a while, I catch a break, but usually I get the fog at the summit, the rain at the beach, etc. I find your photo to be very cool, though – I am imagining the fog to be smoke from the volcano, which makes it much more exciting! 🙂

    1. Yeah bad weather on holiday really stinks. But the reverse has also been true. I’ve been to places known for rainy weather and it’s been absolute sunshine. So I can’t complain. Anyway, if you’re on holiday it doesn’t matter so much. I was trying to imagine that the fog was the volcano smoke too … except then it would’ve been warm, and maybe not a good sign !

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